Anyone who works in sales knows how important it is to have leading sources to keep your pipe full. But not only how we get lead is important, and that’s what we do with them once you get it.

One of the most serious mistakes that a sales person can make once they gain leadership, does not act immediately.

Once he worked with the man who belonged to the networking group, the purpose was to join this group to receive leads. This kit is also not cheap, it costs you $ 500.00 a year to be a member.

You will return from your weekly bullet meeting in hand and tie it to the notice board on your desk, and will remain until you notice it a few days later.

He pushed me crazy!

In sales, no matter what you sell, every day is critical! At any time, your competitor can call your customer and leave with the business.

Another common mistake I have seen innumerable times, contact the shot on time, but without any enthusiasm in contact with your customers.

When you call a potential customer, smile while talking to them, the customer will take a turn in your voice and respond to it.

Do not act as if the customer were a burden to you, even if you do them a favor.

Remember, you are the expert when it comes to your product, do not expect your customer to know everything, if you do, you will not need it. Make sure they know you’re happy to help them.

Another, no, no, when you follow the example is yawning, sneezing or coughing into the receiver of the phone. I understand that these are normal and normal physical functions, but there is no excuse to do it directly on the receiver, this is a great way to lose the sale, the single yawn will probably cause customers to hang up the phone.

Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Imagine meeting someone for the first time on the phone and your conversation is interrupted yawning and sneezing, I doubt you’re gong it’s about dealing with them

Tracking with lead and then putting this person on hold is another common mistake I have found. Although your reasons for suspending your client may seem very important to you, your clients will find it annoying no matter what their motives. So be sure to allocate time to call the shot when you know the interruptions will be short.

Therefore, the next time you receive a bullet, work immediately, inform customers that you are happy to work with them, speak clearly and avoid disruption, and see your sales productivity increase!